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I’m sorry but If you are honestly complaining about being told that you are sexually appealing you can fuck off. If that is actually offensive to you then you are a whiny fucking brat grow the fuck up and be happy you came out on the desireable end of the gene pool instead of making problems where there aren’t any.

Yeah! I’m not attractive but if someone thinks I am I take that fucking compliment. So fucking enjoy your good looks!!!

I don’t think I’m the hottest chick on earth but if someone thinks so and can tell me so in a polite manner, then great! I’ll appreciate it always! :D

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A self-made graphic in response to the feminist backlash at women against feminism

(Submitted by Dani via email)
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Feminists don’t do their hair ever, right?
Confused Cats Against Feminism is a project of We Hunted the Mammoth:The New Misogyny, tracked and mocked.
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i dont even know where to start

what the fuck is that behind the chair
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That Face!


He was my father’s age and when I wouldn’t give him my name or number or any true acknowledgement, he called me a “mean bitch.” It was in my favorite place of respite in the city, Caffe Streets. I think he knew. He made sure everyone heard. It is almost August. I’ve lost the summer fight within…

Sadly, there are a lot of guys who act like that in Chicago. But remember that there are good guys here, too. :)