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this is sucriya. she accessorizes her catholic school uniform with a different scarf every day, which every teacher writes her up for. when my principal walked up to her and pointed to her scarf and said “what’s this?” she said 
"sister, that’s fashion"
and just walked away


the scary thing about dating is that you are either going to marry that person or break up

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who else is excited for fall?




Sometimes, to help myself not get angry at the ignorance on here, I tell myself “they’ll grow up and realize how stupid they are” but then it dawns on me that a shit load of these people are old enough to know better, and they aren’t going to change, and….I don’t wanna live…

Very true but it gets me down because I actually want to move society forward while the entire time society is screaming that we have to move backwards. As much as there are people like me trying to fight for what’s right, it seems the louder voice is the one of ignorance. It gets frustrating and I’m not going to live 100 or 200 more years to see this society that will come from it. I’m going to see the shit aftermath of ignorant children throwing a tantrum.

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Meanwhile at Coachella
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No escaping this

I need context.